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After a hard day on the daily grind, there are two things every gamer needs to distress and comfort them - their gaming platform, and their fur baby. No gaming session could ever be complete without your best friend. Whether it be a cat, dog, rat, spider, or even your sweet bird that sings all the game themes with you! All of them are so precious to us and we do everything we can to care for them, love them and shelter them. Some pets are, unfortunately, not so lucky. They don’t have a warm bed by your feet, or a bowl by your kitchen table. We realise that they, too, deserve the same love and respect that our own fur babies receive, and it is for this reason that we have started Omnius Gaming’s Project Pets.

The objective of Project Pets is to raise funds and awareness for various animal welfare's. So many of these places sink their own money into these wonderful initiatives that they have started and yet, people don’t know that they are there. If you love your furry gaming buddy as much as we do, then please help support this cause.

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Looking to show off your gaming companion? Just send us a photo of your beloved pet,
along with your Instagram tag and a short caption to pets@omnius-gaming.com, and we'll upload it here!